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untitled-bot FAQ

How do you make money off of this bot?

I don't make any money using the bot. It is completely free.

How can you make the bot free if you don't make money?

I made the bot because I like writing the bot. I originally made this bot for a private server, so I figured that other people could use it as well (also I can use this on a resume for future jobs :P).

What's your stance on privacy, and how do I view the data the bot has on me?

I believe privacy is a right, something that should not be sacrificed just to use a service or product.

The bot is not open source (yet), though the data it collects is minimal. In fact, you can use the `/data` command in a server you share with untitled-bot to get a ZIP file containing all the data it has stored on you (which is very little).

How do I delete this data?

You may contact me on the official server through a direct message to delete your data.

Requests through email to delete data will be ignored unless you can prove ownership of the Discord account through email.

Additionally, you can use the `/purge` command to delete ALL user data the bot has stored for the current server and its members (server owner only).

How can I contact you via email?

Please direct all business or legal related emails towards [email protected].

Feel free to DM me on Discord for general questions, or email [email protected] if you would rather use email.